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A talk on Angels by Richard Ludlow of Angelic Wisdom.
Thursday 27th September 7pm (free entry).

Be inspired by hand-drawn pictures of Angels, channelled to help humanity connect visually with them. Richard has refined his ability to channel messages directly from them and his guides over 30 years, helping to bring peace and a greater sense of purpose to people’s lives, practically and spiritually.

The theme of the evening’s talk is ‘Angels: the Path of Love’. The Angels have communicated: ‘We are beings of love and light, in essence just like you, it is just that your vision has become clouded. We are here to say ‘wake up’, look within yourself and discover that which has been hidden for so long from mankind – your true nature. To teach you the one way - LOVE - for this is what God is in essence. We are but a reflection of his pure love, just as a drop of water sparkles in the sunlight, reflecting the image of the creator.’

Following the talk, there will be an opportunity for Questions and Answers from the floor with insightful answers provided by the Angels and Richard's guides.


Facebook: @angelicwisdom108

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More Workshops and Special evenings of Mediumship coming soon... 

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