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In October 1867 a certain Josiah Mee, described as a student at the Wesleyan College on Richmond Hill , purchased from The British Land Company two building plots on White Hart Lane for the sum of £96.   The plots formed part of an “estate” bought by The British Land Company in 1865.

Josiah Mee had collected the money to buy the plot and wasted no time having the church built; it was open for worship in April 1868, when Josiah sold it to The Revd. William Fiddian Moulton and eleven others. 

In 1906 the president of the Methodist Church ,  or to give him his full title, the President of the Conference of the People called Methodists, authorised the sale of the church,  “the said

land and Chapel being no longer needed consequence of the erection of new premises on another site.”   However some members of the congregation got together and  bought the church, renaming it the Barnes Primitive Methodist Church .   In 1949 the church formally re-entered the Methodist Church Union.

The church was again declared to be no longer required for Methodist Trust purposes in 1966 and was purchased by Sidney Ernest Wiles on 30th December of that year for the sum of £4,450.

For the next 28 years Mr Wiles ran ‘ Barnes Healing Church ’ as a Christian Spiritualist Church . Mr Wiles tireless dedication  resulted in Barnes Healing Church being a well loved and well attended place of worship, healing and Spiritual awareness. Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting Mr Wiles commented what a loving, caring and compassionate gentleman he was. Mr Wiles passed to the Spirit world in 1994 aged 96 years.

For the next nine years Barnes Healing Church remained closed during which time the then trustees Alan Watt, Rosemary Winter and Nancy Aver oversaw the complete refurbishment of the Church from the proceeds of the late Mr Wiles estate. The slate roof and glorious wooden roof arches, the oak pews, toilets and kitchen were all restored and/or replaced – and much needed central heating installed! In 2003 a limited company was set up to manage the  Church and Susan Hendy was appointed the first  chair of the board of directors. In April 2003, the doors were once again open to continue the work Mr Wiles began nearly 40 years earlier.

Today, Barnes Healing Church is a small but beautiful traditional Church which offers a very warm and genuine welcome to people of all faiths or of none. It is run entirely by dedicated volunteers whose only aim is to serve others and to be of service to the Spirit world to this end. We are a Church of learning, healing and mediumship and are open to anyone who is interested in the golden opportunity of combining their thought, talents and ideas with ours. We are also registered for the Solemnization of Marriage.

Founder and owner

Sidney Ernest Wiles              December  1966 – September  1994

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